Aronia juice

Genus: black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa2)

  • Annual and biennial seedlings
  • Negotiable prices

In our offer we have high quality vegetative chokeberry seedlings. We offer annual and biennial seedlings, due to the high demand for our products. Recipients highly appreciate both the professional assistance and the seedlings, that are produced under the supervision of a qualified forester, who has years of experience in nursing. Top quality of our plants makes the customers from previous years enlarge their plantations with our seedlings. We provide comprehensive assistance in planting and cultivating chokeberries. Our farm orchard as a manufacturer aronia offers the highest quality seedlings aronia its own nursery and finished products in the form of frozen fruit , ready-made concentrates and aronia juice. We offer help in obtaining grants from the European Union to start or expand a plantation. We encourage you to order and taste delicious concentrates and aronia juice.

We offer planters rental for planting chokeberry seedlings. Should the need arise, we are also able to offer the planting of chokeberries.